Technical Info

The Pultrusion Process

To achieve optimum performance at an economical cost the resin matrices are usually polyester or vinyl ester.
Pultrusion is an automated manufacturing process for the production of constant cross-sectional shaped profiles of fibre reinforced composites. The profiles produced with this process can compete with traditional metal profiles such as steel and aluminium for strength and weight.

The pultrusion process is one of the most cost effective methods for the production of composite materials. It is a continuous process whereby fibre reinforcement is pulled through a resin impregnation zone to coat and impregnate the reinforcement with resin, through perform plates to begin to shape the fibre/resin bundle, and through a heated die to cure the resin. A cured part in the desired shape that requires no further processing exits from the die.

Although the process appears to be simple, numerous process variables such as pull speed, die temperatures, quality of fibre/resin wet-out, and fibre volume can affect the quality of the pultruded composite. Fibre reinforcements can be fibre glass or carbon.